The New North Star Wing Design.
Take a look at the New wing design we are working on.

Used North Stars for sale
It's not very often that a North Star comes up for sale.

Here are some that have sold!

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Ovens up to      23' x 8' x 8'

High quality chemical free powder coating.                   All jobs Media-blasted before coating to provide superior and complete adhesion and the best longevity, far exceeds the durability of liquid coatings.
 Industrial, Artistic, Architectural, DIY projects.

North  sTAR

High performance Bush Plane with extensive design detail and quality. The North Star was the first Improved version of the Super Cub on the market, and 25 years later no one has matched it! High Quality, not mass production , we have built 25 North Stars.

Lite  Star

An economical, light, 2 place, side by side Sport Plane for those who want more structural integrity and better handling than available elsewhere.

North Star 6 Galaxie

The ultimate Bush Plane. Super STOL, Super Strong  Long Range 4000 lbs. Gross.


Computer assisted design Computer assisted manufacturing

Milling Aluminum, Plastic, Wood 2 & 3D             Plasma Cutting Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless.                                                                              Secondary Finishing & Fabricating                                    Prototyping ,  Machine design & building             


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