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North Star Performance Specs

‑empty weight: 1170‑1250 lbs.
‑gross weight: 2000‑2200 lbs. (2300 on floats)
‑engine: Lycoming 0320 (150 hp). (or O360 180 hp, but specs listed are with 150 hp)
‑fuel capacity: 52 U.S. gal./44 Imp. gal./197 L.
‑baggage: 90 lbs.
‑wing span: 36' 4".

Wheel Performance: 150 hp

‑take off roll 180 ft. ( no wind, 1/2 fuel).
‑stall speeds, half load:
‑40 mph, No Power, No Flaps.
‑35 mph, No Power, 2 or Full Flaps.
‑35 mph, Full Power, No Flaps.
‑30 mph, Full Power, 2 Flaps.
‑25 mph, Full Power, Full Flaps.
-25 mph, no power, full flap, when landing due to ground effect.
‑at 2200 lbs., 56 degree F. it lifts off at 45 mph in 500 ft. and climbs immediately, averaging 600 fpm through 4,000 ft.
‑with one person it lifts off at 25 mph, with a heavy passenger it lifts before 30 mph.
‑at 2200 lbs. stall speeds are about 5 mph higher than half load.
‑ half load climb is between 900 summer and 1300 fpm, winter.
‑cruise with 82‑41 prop and 600‑6 wheels is 98 mph.
‑cruise on 2000 floats is 85 mph.
‑cruise at gross is the same.
‑on floats is lifts off and lands at 35‑40 mph, depending on load. (9 seconds)
‑spins and stalls in all attitudes and weight conditions have been very gentle with little tendency to drop a wing. I had to force it to spin, and with full control into the spin, it would pull out before one revolution was complete.